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Whether you live in New York City, New Jersey, or are just a tourist, Yonkers is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. I visited the city and found it a perfect destination for commuters attracted by its proximity to Manhattan, the Hudson River and the great views of the Manhattan skyline.

Located in the heart of downtown Yonkers between Hastings and the Hudson, this park is easily accessible by car or train. If you are arriving by train, the nearest park and garden is Untermyer Park, just a few blocks from the train station. The section of North Broadway in Yonker is very busy, and if you don't look for it, you'll pass it.

If you feel comfortable after a walk through the park and want to warm up your day, visit the Empire City Casino and Yonkers Raceway. Click here to learn more about Yonkers restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the area. When you leave Manhattan, you can catch the A train at the station and return to your car or catch a train home to Manhattan.

Yonkers Parks, in particular, are shockingly different, offering something special to thousands of visitors each year. For reference, we have added links to other Yonkers parks that are also great to visit in the Yonker, NY area. This handy guide is full of the best things to do on your holiday, including more accommodation, more activities for you in Yonksers and more. We will soon visit Stanton House Inn and would like to be in your Greenwich Vacation Guide.

In northeastern Yonkers there are a large number of residential neighborhoods of all kinds, some of which are larger and single-family homes. The area is also home to the largest number, if not most, of the city's public housing units and serves as a major retail hub for Yonker and the southwest Bronx. It bears a strong resemblance to the East Village in New York City, but with a much larger population and a more diverse mix of residents.

Yonkers is home to many attractions, including Yonkers Raceway and the prestigious Yonker College and New York State Museum of Art.

Yonkers also has some of the most delicious restaurants in New York City, including some of the most popular. Assuming it meets all these requirements, the next important point to examine is the affordability of properties in and around Yonker. If we look more closely at home affordability in Yongers, we can see that the ratio of home price to income is 6: 2, slightly above the national average of 6.2: 1. The median price of a home in Yonking is $379,500, about $2,000 more per square foot than in other major metropolitan areas in the country.

If you're looking for the perfect place to go for a day trip, check out some of the most entertaining things to do in Yonkers. You should visit the Hudson River Museum and expect fees ranging from $3 to $6, depending on the age of your guests. For more fun things to do in Ridge Hill, check out the constantly updated events page.

This park consists of about six individual gardens that reflect the Temple of Love Garden, which offers a magnificent view of the Hudson River. Take a look at Yonkers Park and enjoy views of the Hudsons River and the Palisades. No matter where you stand or sit, the views are spectacular and it is one of my favorite parks in the city.

There are places in New York where you can actually skydive, but not all of us are prepared for this kind of adventure. In fact, there are so many things to do in Yonkers that you can hardly do it in a day trip. Just outside the city of Yonker is the largest zip line in the world with a total length of 1,000 feet in elevation jump.

Although the Hudson River borders the area to the west, it offers great views of New York City, the Bronx and New Jersey. The city has a variety of restaurants, shops, hotels and restaurants in the Yonkers area.

Consider the outdoor shopping center at the aforementioned Empire City Casino in the center of the city, as well as a number of restaurants and shops in Yonkers.

A large shopping street is located on Central Park Avenue, informally called "Central Ave," as the name suggests. An important restricted access road in Yonkers includes the Cross County Parkway, which is a few miles further north and officially takes you to White Plains. The historic Croton Aqueduct Tunnel has a hard, crowded dirt road called the Old Croton Aquedsuct Trailway, which runs through the city center, from Empire City Casino to Van Cortlandt Park, where it has been unpaved since 2014 and is known as the Putnam Trail. It owes its name to its location at the intersection of Central Avenue and New York State Parkway.

More About Yonkers

More About Yonkers