Yonkers New York Embassy Suites Hotel

Skylawn offers guests and locals a place to stay with an urban beach club flair. The audience here is predominantly young couples travelling with their children, although large families are a rarity given the size of the rooms.

All in all, it is a comfortable room, and as someone who has been to the property before, I can tell you about others. It is mainly used by guests coming and going from the hotel on their way to sights, business events or other events.

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Beautiful "captures a more Brooklyn-like atmosphere, with the reception in the heart of New York City's East Village standing alone.

On one side, we offer you a view of the interior of the Yonkers New York Embassy Suites Hotel in the East Village of Manhattan, Manhattan.

The lobby is small but comfortable and elegantly furnished with a marigold-coloured banquet, a bar and an outdoor lounge, which is adjacent to a relaxed bar.

More About Yonkers

More About Yonkers